The Best Time to Elope in Colorado

The Best Time to Elope in Colorado

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When is the best time to elope in Colorado?  I’ll walk you through each season so that you and your partner can make the best decision for your adventure elopement!


Colorado Summer Elopement

Ahh summer in Colorado, there is nothing quite like it! Wildflowers, lush green mountains, and perfect weather! I absolutely LOVE summertime in Colorado! This is my all-time favorite season in Colorado. I love how every trail is easily accessible, you can get incredible views all over the state, and the activities are endless!

Here are a few things to consider if you choose to elope in the summer:

  1. As wonderful as Colorado summers are, we usually experience afternoon thunderstorms almost every day, especially in the mountains. Why does this matter? Lightening. Being caught above treeline in a thunderstorm can be incredibly dangerous. Thunderstorms can move quickly so it’s really important to check the weather and stay alert. As quickly as thunderstorms can move in they can roll out. So if you have planned your Colorado elopement for the summer and you see a thunderstorm on the radar, you can wait it out and it will likely pass.
  2. Because of the great chance of an afternoon thunderstorm (and the dangers they can impose), I highly recommend that the couple opts for a sunrise elopement in the summer (especially if your location is above treeline). I know what you may be thinking, yikes, sunrise?! Isn’t that like 5 am!? I totally hear you…but hear me out! The sunrise lighting is absolutely stunning! Some of my favorite moments have been hiking up a trail with a couple at 5 am. You literally cannot beat that alpenglow (the rosy, gorgeous light of the setting or rising sun on the high mountains)! There is nothing quite like watching the sunrise dance on the Colorado mountains.
  3. Colorado can get pretty dang crowded in the mountains, especially in the summer. Opting for a sunrise elopement means more privacy. More privacy means a more intimate wedding experience. Win-win!
  4. Consider breaking up the day of your elopement or splitting it into two days if you want to incorporate your family and/or friends. This way you can enjoy a Colorado sunrise, just the two of you, and meet up with your family later that day or even the next day for a formal ceremony.
  5. Summertime in Colorado lasts from mid-June to the beginning of September.  There is usually still a lot of snow in higher elevations in June.  The most ideal time to have a Colorado elopement in the summer is July-August! The wildflowers are in full bloom, almost all of the trails are open, and the weather is perfect!


My favorite places for a summer elopement: Telluride, Breckenridge, Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area! 

You literally cannot go wrong when you choose to have a summertime Colorado elopement! So let’s get those gears turning and plan an elopement that looks and feels like you and your partner! Need some sunrise elopement inspo? Check out this Colorado backpacking elopement!


Colorado Fall Elopement

A lot of couples choose to elope in Colorado in the fall! Colorado is littered with aspen trees which means the state lights up with the golden hue of all the aspen trees from mid-September to about mid-October (depending on where you are at in the state and the altitude)! Warm days, cool nights, yellow spotted mountains…what’s not to love!?

Here are a few things to consider if you choose to elope in the fall:

  1. The weather is a little more predictable, you can usually plan a sunrise or sunset elopement. Bonus: almost no impromptu storms! Cloudbursts are common in the afternoons, but once September is in full swing, they are few and far between. Making September one of the best months to plan your Colorado elopement!
  2. Colorado is home to the largest number of aspen trees in the United States. If you want to give your eyes a treat they will never forget, you’ll definitely want to plan (as best you can) your elopement when the aspen trees turn to a brilliant amber. This website is really great for predicting the fall foliage! I highly recommend using this as a guide, but be aware that things can always change. Winter storms can move in early, which can change the leaf-peeping dates. For the most part, mid-September to mid-October is going to be your best bet!
  3. Keep in mind, the fall is VERY popular in Colorado. This means crowded weekends and busy mountain towns. I highly suggest opting for a weekday elopement. I love to encourage couples to turn their weekday elopement into a weeklong experience! You can elope and then use the rest of the week to explore Colorado!
  4. Fall usually hits sooner in higher elevations. This means that above 8,500 feet the leaves can start changing color sooner. Keep this in mind if you are planning to elope above 8,500 feet.


My favorite places for a fall elopement: The Maroon Bells, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Summit County!

Fall in Colorado is one of the best times to elope! Most of the trails are still open, the temperatures are cooler, and the scenery is gorgeous. Plus, you get that fall moody vibe which I absolutely love!


Colorado Winter Elopement

Colorado’s average snowfall ranges from 60-100 inches annually. So, if you LOVE snow, the winter aesthetic, and wintertime activities you will love eloping here in the winter!

Here are a few things to consider if you choose to elope in the winter:

  1. Cooler temperatures and snowy days start to appear in October. The transition from fall to winter is a quick one and by the time November has rolled around, we have snow in the higher elevations.
  2. The winter season in Colorado is usually from October to May (and in high elevations, it can even snow in June). In the “traditional” winter months (November-February) we typically see warm days are mixed in with cooler nights with temperatures ranging from 40°- 55°F during the day to well below freezing at night. This usually means lighter, dryer snow.
  3. The Winter sports season usually begins in December. So if you are interested in ski, snowboard, or snowshoe elopement, I would definitely wait until at least December.
  4. If the snowfall is less than average, winter in Colorado can look brown with barren trees. However, waiting until January or February usually means more snow! More snow = beautiful, snow-capped mountains with frosted trees. Definitely worth the wait!
  5. Due to Daylight Savings, the days become shorter and the sun sets behind the mountains much earlier. It’s not uncommon to be eating dinner when it’s completely dark outside! I recommend eloping at sunset if you choose to get married in the winter.


My favorite places for winter elopements: Crested Butte, Summit County, and Aspen!

Wintertime in Colorado is absolutely gorgeous! There is something so amazing about being surrounded by huge mountains covered with snow. Opting for a weekday elopement (yes, even in the winter!) will give you the privacy and intimacy that couples look for when they elope.

Pssst, check out this gorgeous Colorado winter elopement!

Colorado Spring Elopement

Springtime in Colorado is a little different than springtime anywhere else. Spring in Colorado starts in March and lasts until about June. Don’t let the word “spring” fool you though, springtime in Colorado usually means lots snow in the mountains. On the plus side, spring in Colorado means far fewer crowds and more privacy for your mountain wedding!

Here are a few things to consider if you choose to elope in the spring:

  1. The weather can be wild. At high elevations, we can see snowfall into June. It can be windy, sunny, and snowy all on the same day. March and April are some of the snowiest months here.
  2. Because of the springtime snowstorms, it might be worthwhile to consider eloping in Southern Colorado.
  3. You can usually choose a sunrise or sunset elopement. However, I suggest sunset because it is still very cold at high elevations!
  4. Springtime is usually the least busy season we have. Because of this, there are fewer crowds, offering you more privacy for your elopement!


My favorite places for a spring elopement: Great Sand Dunes National Park, Crested Butte, Summit County, and Rocky Mountain National Park!

Spring in Colorado is a unique experience. You can have a winter elopement filled with winter activities, or you can head down south for a unique experience at Great Sand Dunes National Park! There is so much to do in the spring, giving you an opportunity to have an amazing Colorado elopement experience!


One last thing…

Will you include your family or loved ones in your elopement? We are HUGE fans of couples doing exactly what they want to do on their wedding day! If that looks like a super-private wedding with just the two of you, great! Or if that looks like including your family/loved ones, we’re here for it! If you are thinking about including your loved ones, here’s a great blog about doing just that!

Let’s do this!

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, any season is a great season to elope in Colorado! So, when is the best time to elope in Colorado? Ultimately, it comes down to what you and your partner are looking for in your wedding experience. Colorado is amazing year-round! Whatever season you and your partner choose will be perfect because you are choosing to get married in a way that is true to who you are as a couple!

Let’s chat about your Colorado elopement and take your love on the greatest adventure yet!

Happy adventuring!
-Bailee & Jake

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