Kaylyn and Holden’s Silverton, Colorado Backpacking Elopement

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The San Juan Mountain range in Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking views! From turquoise lakes to rugged mountain peaks, it’s no wonder they refer to this area as “Switzerland of America.” Silverton, Colorado is the perfect place for your backpacking elopement!

When Kaylyn and Holden reached out to me to photograph their two-day backpacking elopement here, I said yes without any hesitation! Colorado has some pretty incredible gems, but I have never seen anything quite like the San Juan Mountains. Kaylyn and Holden chose for their backpacking elopement was a 7-mile round trip, 2,430 ft. elevation gain hike that ended at the most beautiful turquoise lake! They couldn’t have picked a more “Kaylyn and Holden” way to get married!

Backpacking to the Lake

Kaylyn and Holden’s Colorado backpacking elopement was so special. Eight of their closest friends hiked with us on the way up to celebrate and support K and H! It rained, hailed, and even snowed throughout our hike but we pushed through to get to our destination. We were so glad that we did! When we came up over the ridge, we were greeted by the most beautiful turquoise lake, orange mountains, and wildflowers.

I will never forget Kaylyn’s reaction as she saw the lake for the first time. Happy tears streamed down her face as Holden held her tight.  They stood there, holding each other, taking in the absolutely breathtaking view, realizing that they are about to get married in a way that was 100%  authentic to them. That moment is one that has such a special place in my heart.

Sunrise Ceremony

The next morning we all woke up at 3 am to make sure we were ready to catch the sunrise.

Kaylyn and Holden got ready in separate tents so that they could have a first look. Side note: heck YES you can have a first look during your elopement and I highly recommend it if that is your thing! The morning sun danced on the mountains as Kaylyn made her way down the trail to meet Holden for their first look. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen! I cry at every single elopement I photograph, and this one was no exception. Their first look was full of laughter, tears, and the most tender of hugs.

After we all warmed up, Kaylyn and Holden exchanged vows at the foot of the turquoise lake as we watched the sun continue to rise. After they exchanged the most heartfelt vows, we packed up and headed down the trail to meet their family. 

Meeting Their Family for a Ring Ceremony

With Molas Lake as their backdrop, Kaylyn’s best friend married the two of them with their close family and friends as witnesses. It was such an incredibly beautiful ceremony full of happy tears and laughter.

It is so apparent that Kaylyn and Holden are soulmates and I could definitely see that in everything that they did! I absolutely love that K & H got married in a way that was 100% true to who they are as a couple while also incorporating their friends and family. Every part of their wedding felt so much like them!

I cannot even begin to explain how honored I felt to photograph such an adventurous, intentional, and beautiful Colorado elopement! Meeting Kaylyn and Holden for the first time felt like I had known them my whole life. They are the type of people who make you feel instantly comfortable and safe in their presence. They are some of the biggest adventurers I know with the biggest hearts around! I am so lucky that I now get to call them both good friends! I absolutely love being a Colorado elopement photographer! There is nothing that I love more than helping a couple of plan and photograph their adventure elopement.

Let’s Be Adventurers

If you are thinking about a backpacking elopement in Colorado (or any activity!) but are trying to figure out how to incorporate your friends and family, this is an amazing way to do it! I definitely recommend breaking your adventure elopement into two days so you can have a wedding that looks and feels like you and your partner! There is no reason why you have to choose between having the adventure of a lifetime or having your friends and family present. Kaylyn and Holden proved that you can have the best of both worlds!

If an adventurous elopement in Colorado is right up your alley, let’s get in touch to start planning your wedding! If you are thinking about having a backpacking elopement, you’ll love this blog about how to plan for your backpacking elopement!

Happy adventuring!
Bailee and Jake

Pssst did you know this Colorado backpacking elopement was featured on Wandering Weddings?! Yup! You can check it out here!


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