How To Elope at Garden Of The Gods, Colorado

how to elope at garden of the gods in Colorado springs, colorado

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Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado is probably one of the coolest spots in Colorado! It’s located right in Colorado Springs, making it super accessible. Garden of the Gods is also incredibly awe-inspiring. It is home to a plethora geological and ecological formations, making this spot a prime location for nature lovers. Eloping at Garden of the Gods will give you a completely unique wedding experience while still being easily accessible and close to the mountains. It’s just a win-win all around! In this blog we’ll go over how to elope at Garden of the Gods.

First Of All, Where Is Garden of the Gods Located?

This is a great question! Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. But more specifically, it is a 1,367 acre park that has been designated as National Natural Landmark located just northwest of Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods has jagged rock groupings, diverse landscape and stunning views of Pikes Peak Mountain, making this location the perfect place to elope in Colorado!

couple gets married at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods Wedding Ceremony Sites

Most National Parks and natural areas will have designated ceremony sites for your wedding. This is to help ensure that weddings only take place in specific areas and that Leave No Trace (LNT) principles are followed. This ensures that all visitors have an incredible time at this amazing spot and that the formations are preserved for as long as possible.

There are six designated ceremony spots for elopements and weddings in Garden of the Gods. My personal favorites are Three Graces Plaza and High Point, although you cannot go wrong with any of them!

Three Graces Plaza

Such an awesome site that is kinda tucked between two rock formations. This spot is perfect because I feel that it provides a *tad* bit more privacy than the other locations. Fun fact about Garden of the Gods is that it is completely wheelchair accessible which makes it easy for those with limited mobility to still enjoy the beauty of Garden of the Gods. You can read more about Garden of the Gods accessibility for all here. 25 people are permitted to use this ceremony site.

High Point

Another wonderful elopement ceremony location in the park! High Point is just as it sounds – it’s the highest point in the park with incredible views of Garden of the Gods and one of Colorado’s 14ers – Pikes Peak. This spot is awesome because it has ample parking, incredible views, and a big area that you can use for your ceremony. 50 people are allowed to use this ceremony site.

Lesbian couple elopes in Colorado

Jaycee Plaze

Located basically right when you pull into Garden of the Gods, Jaycee Plaza is definitely the busiest ceremony site in the park. However, this would be a good spot if you had a larger group of people and needed something very easily accessible and very close to the parking lot. This ceremony site allows for 50 people.

Sentinel Plaza

This spot is really close to Jaycee Plaza but has a 25 person limit. Another great spot if you need something super easily accessible and close to the parking lot.

Scotsman Picnic Area

Not my favorite spot for an elopement ceremony as it doesn’t really have great views. Especially when you consider how incredible the other ceremony sites are! 25 person limit at this location.

South Spring Canyon Area

Similar to Scotsman Picnic Area, just not as great of views when you consider how incredible the other ceremony spots are. However, this area allows for 50 people so if you have a larger group this could be worthwhile to consider!

Fun Facts about Eloping at Garden of the Gods

How Much does it cost to elope at garden of the gods?

The cost to elope at Garden of the Gods is nothing! Yup, you heard that right, it is free! They do not require any permits or reservations to get married in Garden of the Gods. Which is pretty dang incredible! That being said, there are some things that I think are pretty important to know before you choose to elope here:

Wedding Sites are on a first come first serve basis

Because there are not permits or reservations required to get married here, the ceremony sites are on a first come first serve basis. It is entirely possible that you show up with a ceremony site in mind and someone is already using it. That’s okay! There are so many other gorgeous spots to get married, we’ll just pivot to a different spot!

No receptions are allowed in the park

Unless you are having a picnic at their designated picnic spots which are located at Scotsman or South Spring Canyon Picnic areas.

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed

I know, I know. This can be a huge bummer, especially if you were planning on having a champagne pop to celebrate your marriage. Don’t worry! You can still buy sparkling water and it will have a very similar effect to popping champagne! I like these ones.

Please care for the natural environment

The park asks that you only bring in chairs for the elderly or disabled.  Do not bring in any tables, tents, arches, trellises, etc. Do not release birds, butterflies, balloons, throw rice or confetti.  No decorations allowed. Keep it simple, keep it sweet.

Blocking off areas, including parking, is not permitted

When you choose to elope in the great outdoors, you’re also choosing to elope in the public. This means that you are sharing the space with others who are also there to enjoy the beauty of Garden of the Gods. Let’s share these incredible spaces with everyone!

Please stay on established trails

This is a super important part of LNT. Staying on designated and established trails helps maintain the trails and, in turn, helps preserve these gorgeous areas for generations to come.

Lesbian couple elopes at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado

What Is The Best Time To Elope at Garden of the Gods?

I would say that this entirely depends on the time of year, but generally opting for a sunrise elopement is going to mean less crowds. Garden of the Gods is a super super busy place. There are crowds of people all year long! My best recommendation is choosing to elope at sunrise Monday-Thursday. This will help with the crowds and could give you a more private wedding experience! That being said, I totally get how hard waking up for a sunrise elopement can be! You can totally elope at sunset, just be sure to choose Monday-Thursday to help with those crowds!

What Season Is The Best For Eloping at Garden of the Gods?

Garden of the Gods is open year round and is gorgeous during all four seasons! It will definitely be hot in the summer, so opting for a sunrise elopement during the summertime will be super helpful in keeping you cool! Wintertime often means fresh snow against the red rock formations which is absolutely gorgeous! Fall means changing leaves and cooler evening temperatures and springtime brings blooming plants and less people!

LGBTQ elopes in Colorado

Fun Things To Do in Garden of the Gods

Aside from being absolutely jaw-dropping, Garden of the Gods has so many activities that you can incorporate into your elopement! Garden of the Gods offers vehicle tours, segway tours, bike tours, rock climbing, horseback riding, and tons of hiking trails. There is no shortage of fun things you can do! Plus, you are right in Colorado Springs which also has endless fun things you can do!

Looking for more elopement inspiration? Check out this blog about how to elope at the Maroon Bells Amphitheater in Aspen, Colorado!

rock climbing at Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ready To Elope at Garden of the Gods?!

Yay!!! You’ve made the decision to elope in Colorado! We couldn’t be more excited for this next step in your adventure of life together. We cannot wait to hear everything that you are envisioning for your elopement (even if you haven’t figured it all the way out yet!) and get to know you and your partner better! Let’s connect and start planning one of the best days of your lives in the greatest state ever!

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