Leadville, Colorado Elopement in the Summertime

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Summertime in Colorado has got to be the best season here! I know, I know, that’s a pretty bold claim, especially because the fall season here is outstanding, but I’m willing to make it! I’m a sucker for wildflowers, green mountains, and long days. When Makayla and Franklin reached out about their Leadville, Colorado elopement in July I knew that it was going to be the best day ever.

Getting Ready at The Airbnb

We met Makayla, Franklin, and their sweet German Shepard Oliver at one of the coolest Airbnb’s I’ve ever seen! It was exactly what you picture an Airbnb in Breckenridge to look like: a gorgeous A Frame cabin in the mountains complete with a hot tub on the back porch which looked directly into a forest. It seriously doesn’t get much better than that!

Franklin and Makayla knew that they wanted to do a first look at their cabin before heading out on their adventure elopement near Leadville, Colorado. It was raining off and on the whole day, so we opted for a first look indoors. It was such a sweet and tender moment just for the two of them. After their first looks they let Oliver in on the first look action! We are huge dog lovers, so we always recommend bringing your dog along for the wedding adventure!

Makayla had gathered some really great wedding details that she wanted included in their day like a wedding cake, plates, florals, and a cute table. She styled it so perfectly that we needed to include it in their detail shots! Also, can we take a minute to swoon over Makayla’s wedding gown?! It is absolutely stunning and I adore the lace details!

Makayla and Franklin’s Leadville, Colorado Elopement Ceremony

It was thunderstorming all day when we got to Makayla and Franklin’s Airbnb. We knew we would need to wait out some weather or change locations due to the thunderstorms. In the summertime in Colorado, we usually experience afternoon thunderstorms almost every day. These thunderstorms can be really dangerous if you are above the treeline as you are completely exposed and probably the tallest thing in the area.

When we got to their Airbnb, we chatted with them about their options and checked our weather radar to see where the weather was moving. We chose to move the elopement to a completely different location because their original elopement location was above the treeline and we knew it would be dangerous with the thunderstorms. That’s the nice thing about eloping in Summit County, there are a lot of different options that you can totally pivot to if needed!

We checked all of our tried and true locations on our radar to see if the weather was going to hit there and only one spot was clear for about an hour which was perfect! There were thunderstorms all around us when we were driving to the elopement location, but cleared out once we got there. The weather was so cloudy and moody, a real treat for us in Colorado since we get about 300 days of sunshine! Even the mountains had a new dusting of snow (yup, you read that right, snow! Even in July it can snow at higher elevations). It truly was a very beautiful day.

When we pulled up to the ceremony location the rain had stopped long enough for Mikayla and Franklin to exchange the most beautiful heartfelt vows, snag some portraits with the beautiful backdrop, and head back to the Airbnb for additional portraits. When we wrapped up their elopement near Leadville, Colorado and got back to our cars, it started pouring rain! We made it just in time!

Post Ceremony Portraits

After Makayla and Franklin’s elopement ceremony, we took advantage of the pause in rain and made the most of the area before it was going to rain again. We explored the area and got to witness some pretty incredible, moody clouds which made for some pretty amazing portraits! Not to mention, Makayla’s favorite color is green (peep the Vans!) so the fact that it had just rained and everything was super green was the cherry on top of an already perfect day!

After their romantic portraits, we headed back to their Airbnb for some puppy marriage license signatures, cake cutting, and comfy clothes snuggling! I cannot think of a more perfect way to spend a rainy day in Colorado than snuggled up to your love and your dog, listening to the rain hit the roof of your A Frame Airbnb in the forest of Breckenridge. Makayla and Franklin’s summertime elopement near Leadville, Colorado was one for the books!

Airbnb Celebration After Mikayla and Franklin’s Leadville, Colorado Elopement!

Did you know that in the state of Colorado your dog can sign as a witness to your wedding?! How cute is that!! We wrote a blog that dives into how to include your dog in your elopement, you can read that here! One way to include your fur friend is to get them a separate cake that they can celebrate with, too!

Tips For Planning Your Leadville, Colorado Elopement

One of our biggest tips when it comes to eloping in the summertime is to be flexible. Sometimes weather, especially in the summertime, can make it so your original elopement location is no longer an option.

Another tip is to have a backup plan just in case you need to pivot for whatever reason. So that way no one is scrambling to find another option. This is why hiring an elopement photographer and videographer that actually lives in Colorado is so important! We are so familiar with Colorado that we can pivot to different locations with the snap of your fingers if needed.

We have lived in and explored Colorado for eight years and know it like the backs of our hands. We’d absolutely love an opportunity to document your elopement and show you some of the most incredible places in this jaw-dropping state that we call home! Reach out to us and let us help you plan one of the most incredible days of your lives!

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