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Fall in Colorado draws incredible crowds of people from all over the United States, and for good reason! They don’t call it Fallorado for nothin’! The fall season in Colorado means gorgeous weather, open trail accessibility, and, of course, mountain sides painted yellow by the Aspen trees. It is truly magical! That’s exactly how we would describe Lesley and Frank’s Boulder, Colorado elopement: Magical.

Pre-Ceremony First Look and Picnic

Lesley and Frank chose to have their families join them for their elopement ceremony but wanted to do something just for them before everyone arrived. They decided that they wanted to have a private first look with portraits and then a pre-ceremony picnic. It was the perfect way for them to combine a fun moment for them and also include their families. If you want to read more about how to include your family into your elopement, we wrote this blog just for you!

Their first look was so intimate and special, tucked away in a grove of pine trees, off of the main trail, just the two of them. A lot of couples ask us if it is normal to do a first look during an elopement and our answer is always “anything you want to do is totally normal!” There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to elope, so whatever resonates with the two of you we say go for it! A lot of couples choose to include a first look into their elopement (you certainly do not have to!) and, for some couples, is a really special way to start their wedding day.

After their first look we took some time for some portraits of just the two of them followed by a sweet little picnic that Lesley put together that included a charcuterie board and a cute cake! We love when couples incorporate fun activities like a picnic into their wedding day. This can be a really fun way to let your personalities shine and add a unique flair to your wedding video and gallery all while keeping the focus on the two of you and what you love to do together!

Can I just say…Look at how incredibly gorgeous Lesley looked!! Her vintage wedding dress and thrifted veil complimented her so perfectly! And Frank’s forest green suit?! I also just love when couples wear hiking boots with their wedding attire. There is just something so badass about a wedding dress paired with hiking boots. I mean, talk about the perfect aesthetic for a moody fall Boulder, Colorado elopement!

Lesley and Frank’s Boulder, Colorado Elopement Ceremony

After their first look, portraits, and picnic, we met their families at their ceremony site. Lesley chose to have her dad walk her down natures aisle and it was such a sweet moment for the two of them. Something that was pretty special about their ceremony is that Frank’s brother officiated their wedding! In the state of Colorado you actually don’t need an officiant, but some couples choose to include one of their family members in their wedding this way. You can learn all about self-solemnizing in Colorado here!

Post Ceremony Portraits

After Lesley and Frank’s sweet and intimate elopement ceremony surrounded by their families, we continued the adventure with more portraits as the sun was setting. This day was pretty incredible! It is not super often that we get moody lighting from cloudiness in Colorado (helllloooo 300 days of sunshine per year!) so it was a pretty great treat to photograph in! I love moody, fall tones and their elopement was super gorgeous and unique because of this! Also, Frank is basically a professional yoyo-er and brought along his yoyo to include into their elopement! So cool!!!

The last portion of their elopement day included some of the most spectacular mountain reflections I have ever seen! I mean, just take a look at all of this high alpine gorgeousness made even more incredible by Lesley and Frank’s presence.

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As a local Colorado elopement photography and videography team, we would absolutely love to help you plan your Colorado mountain elopement! Get in touch with us today to start planning your dream wedding.

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