Cody and Kevin’s Colorado Mountain Elopement

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Colorado Mountain Elopement

When Cody and Kevin reached out to me about their Colorado mountain elopement and said that their dog was going to be their best man? Sign me up! I absolutely love when a couple includes their fur babies in their elopement. Especially in the state of Colorado because your dog can literally sign as your witness on your marriage license. You heard me correctly! Colorado is a self-solemnizing state, meaning that you sign as your own witnesses, you can have your dog sign as your other witness. We love that! If you want to learn more about self-solemnizing in Colorado, let’s connect!

You, Me, and the Dog

I met Cody, Kevin, and their pup on a cool October morning. We loaded everything in their truck and headed for the mountains. They wanted to have their wedding at a very specific fishing spot where they fell in love. Something that is so incredible about eloping is that it allows you and your partner to get married in a place that means so much to you. That means something to your relationship. For Cody and Kevin, that spot was their favorite fishing spot in a quiet meadow. A spot that they would escape to, relax at, and enjoy the breathtaking Colorado mountain views. We love that, when you choose to elope, you can choose a brand new location to make new memories or pick a spot that is close to your heart.

Wondering how to have your dog “sign” as your witness? Such a great question! First things first, you’ll want to buy a pet-friendly, non-toxic ink for their sweet little paws. This is definitely a two or three-person job! Next, you’ll press their paws into the ink pad and press it on the witness line on your marriage license, and voila! You’ll definitely want to get this photographed, so be sure to tell your photographer (cough cough we’d LOVE to document this!) in advance so they are aware and can capture the moment.

Cody and Kevin’s First Look

Incorporating a first look into their elopement was a big priority to Cody so we definitely had to put that in the timeline. And I am so glad that we did because Kevin had the sweetest reaction when he turned around to see Cody for the first time. They were both laughing, crying, smiling, and so stoked to get married. Another awesome thing about choosing to elope? You don’t have to make any sacrifices. If you want to do something on your wedding day, you can totally do it. First look? Do it! Fly fishing in your wedding dress? Hell yes! Rock climbing in your wedding attire? We’re here for it! The sky is the limit when you play by your own wedding rules, so dream big.

Cody and Kevin’s Colorado Mountain Elopement

For their ceremony, friends and family gathered at C & K’s favorite fishing spot. They stood in a horseshoe shape and watched with tears in their eyes as Cody and Kevin walked hand in hand. Cody’s childhood best friend married them, with the gorgeous mountains of Northern Colorado in the background, the landscape freshly dusted with snow, on the perfect bluebird day. They literally could not have asked for a more perfect day to get married. Surrounded by their friends, family, their pup, and the Colorado mountains, they promised forever to each other. Their ceremony was short, sweet, and so them.

Oh, and you want to know one of the best parts of their elopement? They specifically requested pictures of them and their friend’s shotgunning beers! Cody and Kevin were adamant about this and I am here for it! So all of their friends stood in a circle, shotgunned some beers, and shared a ton of laughs. This will be an elopement that I will never forget!

After their ceremony, their friends and family parted ways and we got to explore the area. It was so fun to take our time and soak in the magic of those just married feelings. That is another reason to elope, there’s no rushing and we are on your timeline. There are no expectations. The only thing you should expect to do on your elopement is whatever YOU want. Because that’s truly all that matters, making sure that your wedding day looks and feels like you. Does that look like a private, just-the-two-of-us ceremony in the mountains? Or including your friends and family? What about your pups? Whatever you decide to do, know it will be perfect and stress-free because you did exactly what you wanted to do for your wedding.

Consider a Colorado Elopement

We are so passionate about making sure that our couples get incredible photos and video of their wedding day, but also making sure that they are heard, understood, and cared for so that they can look back on their wedding with so much love and happiness. You made the brave choice to be true to who you are by eloping. We are so excited for you and we promise you won’t regret it! Choosing to elope gives you and your partner an opportunity to be completely present and 100% yourselves on one of the most important days of your lives.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you and your partner got married in the most authentic way. Of course, the pictures and video will be incredible and tell your unique wedding story, but the most important thing to us is that, when you look back on your wedding, you do so with so much love and happiness.

Because how you get married is a big deal, and we’re here to help you create a wedding day that looks and feels like you. Did you just get goosebumps?! Us too! We’re just a little bit passionate about Colorado elopements 😉

Ready to Start Planning Your Colorado Mountain Elopement?

We started our elopement photography and videography business when we realized that there were so many couples who wanted a totally different wedding experience. A wedding that is solely focused on them, one without expectations, one where they could do exactly what they wanted to do. We felt right at home when we documented our first elopement.

We get the incredible opportunity to combine our passion for the outdoors with our passion for wedding photography and videography all while getting to meet the coolest couples in the world. Our mission is to help fun-loving and down-to-earth couples get married in a way that honors their love for the outdoors and each other. We can’t wait to get to know you both and be a part of your wedding journey!

If this sounds right up your alley, reach out to us to start planning your Colorado elopement!

Happy adventuring!

Balee and Jake

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