Best Elopement Locations in Rocky Mountain National Park

3M Curve Elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park is home to some of the most jaw-dropping scenery around. With thirteen designated ceremony sites to choose from, It’s no wonder that hundreds of couples every year choose this epic destination for their Colorado elopement! Here are our top three elopement locations in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Our Favorite Elopement Locations in Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake easily takes the number one spot for our favorite place to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park. This spot has it all; dramatic views of the mountains, a beautiful alpine lake, and a cute little dock where your ceremony will take place. Not to mention this site is wheelchair accessible and has restrooms. It is perfect at sunrise or sunset, too! Sprague Lake is also a quick jumping off point to some really great hikes to include in your day!

Sprague Lake Information

There are some pretty important things to note about Sprague Lake. The maximum amount of people allowed (including your photography and videographer) in the summertime is 15 and in the winter is 30. However, I would recommend staying under 15 people here as it is a little tight.

Sprague Lake only allows 3 cars in the summer at 10 in the winter, so we definitely recommend carpooling! Also keep in mind that the ceremony size and vehicle limit of 10 applies from the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend through the second tuesday of October.

We really love this spot, but it is really important to note that, with any area of the park, there is a good chance that it will be busy. But don’t worry! Opting for a Monday-Thursday elopement can really help with this!

The Best Time To Elope At Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake is open year-round for elopements and weddings! I have photographed this spot in every season, but I will say that Summer and Fall are definitely my favorite times to be in Rocky Mountain National Park, but you really can’t go wrong with any season!

Why We Love Sprague Lake

There are so many reasons we love Sprague Lake for a ceremony spot! We love just how incredibly dramatic the mountains look when you’re standing at the dock. We love that couples get to exchange vows at the foot of an alpine lake. We love that this Rocky Mountain National Park elopement location is easily accessible, wheelchair accessible, and has easy parking. You just can’t go wrong with this spot!

3M Curve

Couple gets married at 3M Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park in the fall

3M Curve is just off of Trail Ridge Road and is a little bit off of the beaten path, which is why this Rocky Mountain National Park elopement location takes second place. This spot has breathtaking views of the park. Not to mention, Longs Peak, one of Colorado’s impressive 14ers, towers in the background.

3M Curve is a large outcropping of rocks that overlooks meadows and mountains. It truly is an amazing wedding backdrop!

3M Curve Information

The maximum ceremony size for 3M Curve is 15 people. With three cars allowed, carpooling is a must. This spot is so great because it’s not super obvious when you arrive. Though this spot is easily accessible, it does require a little bit of a walk down a dirt trail. The trade-off is a little more privacy than at the other elopement locations. This spot is not wheelchair accessible.

Speaking of accessibility, you might be asking yourself, “so where is 3M Curve?” and that is such a good question! 3M Curve doesn’t come up on Google when you type it in, so it can be a little tricky to find. These are the coordinates for this spot: 40°22’50.3″N 105°36’13.3″W or you can click here to view it via Google Maps.

The Best Time To Elope At 3M Curve

3M Curve is open year-round for elopements and weddings! Though this spot is gorgeous year-round, I find summer and winter to be particularly gorgeous! Again, you seriously can’t go wrong with spring or fall!

Why We Love 3M Curve

3M Curve is such an incredible Rocky Mountain National Park elopement location for so many reasons. We love that it is kinda off the beaten path, you usually won’t get people passing through. We love that Longs Peak towers in the background and that the views are so vast. Overall, we just love how this spot really captures just how amazing Rocky Mountain National Park is! Not to mention, you’re a quick drive to the top of Trail Ridge Road!

Bear Lake Nature Trail

Couple gets married at Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

You didn’t think we’d leave Bear Lake off of this list did you?! No way! Bear Lake is such an iconic spot in park that it only makes sense that it takes the third spot on our list.

Bear Lake Nature Trail Information

Bear Lake is such a popular area that it will always be busy, even during your wedding. Rocky Mountain National Park’s website says that you can have 20 people here, but I would not recommend more than 6 as the ceremony spot is very tight. If you had more than 6 it would be extremely crowded and we might not be able to get the shots we need. If you choose to add video, I would not recommend more than 4 people here.

Weddings are not permitted here from the Friday before memorial day weekend through the 2nd Tuesday in October. Weekend (Saturday/Sunder) weddings are not allowed year-round. We highly recommend a Monday-Thursday elopement at this location.

Why We Love Bear Lake Nature Trail

Bear Lake Nature Trail is such a great spot for a quick ceremony if you want to incorporate a hike to Dream Lake. Bear Lake is the same parking lot of Dream Lake and it is such an incredible location for additional portraits after your ceremony at Bear Lake. We love that this spot is accessible and is such a great jumping off point for additional hiking! PS: Check out Tori and Mike’s Bear Lake elopement here!

Please keep in mind that this location is the busiest in the park, so it is very unlikely that you will experience privacy here.

We’re Here To Help Plan Your Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement!

These are our top three favorite Rocky Mountain National Park elopement locations, however, any of the thirteen designated ceremony spots would be incredible locations to get married. Contact us today If you’re ready to start planning your Colorado elopement!

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