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Imagine sitting on a couch with your spouse 30 years from now and pulling up one of your favorite Youtube videos, and it’s the video of… your very own wedding! Your minds are transported back to that wonderful day when you and your spouse promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of your lives. You gently squeeze your partner’s hand as their eyes well up remembering how strong your love for each other was that day. As the video comes to an end, you feel a renewed desire to keep the promises you made to each other all those years ago…

This is what it feels like to have a professionally made video of your wedding ceremony. It’s hard to describe just how awesome it is to be able to rewatch such an important moment of your life, but every couple who has ever booked our Colorado wedding videography services agrees — it was the best decision they made when planning their wedding. Still not convinced? That’s ok! Here are the 7 best reasons to hire Alpine Vows for your Colorado wedding videography.

1.   Relive Your Wedding Day

A good wedding photo is a wonderful way to display a beautiful moment — the groom wiping a tear from his eye, the bride showing off her beautiful dress, two people sharing their first kiss as a married couple. Photos have a unique way of capturing a snapshot that shows off the beauty of these moments. 

However, there’s something wholly different about video. There’s something quite magical about watching your own wedding video that truly takes you back in time and lets you relive all of the thoughts and feelings you experienced on the day of your wedding. Even as the videographer, when I go back and watch our couples’ videos, I am overwhelmed with the love I felt and witnessed when I first hit “Record” on my camera.

2.   Capture Good Audio

Ok, this one is important. Being able to hear every word that your spouse said to you when reading their vows in their own voice is something so special that I wish every single married couple could have. 

George Lucas once said, “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” And wedding videos are no different. Having quality recordings made with the right sound equipment can make a world of difference when watching your wedding day video.

3.   Properly Licensed Music

While capturing good audio is important, it’s equally important to couple that audio with the right music that matches the feel of your video. At Alpine Vows, we have access to an enormous library of music licensed to us and we personally spend hours curating and picking the perfect music to match the feel of our couples and their ceremonies.  This is great because not only will you have a video with great audio and music, but also your video is guaranteed to be easy to share with those you love without getting DMCA takedowns on social media.

4.   iPhone Videos Just Don’t Cut It

We’ve seen couples who decide at the last minute that it would be nice to have a video of their wedding ceremony but they’ve already exhausted their wedding budget. So what do they do? They tell their bridesmaid who just got the newest iPhone to record it because they heard it has a really good camera. 

While it’s true that many new phones can capture some pretty good quality video, there’s a monumental difference between just getting good quality video, and producing a professional-grade short film. Professional videographers are gonna know exactly which shots are most flattering. They’re gonna know when to use slow-motion and, more importantly, when not to. You can be sure that their footage will have great audio and that it won’t be shaky or hard to follow. Finally, they’re going to edit their video to get perfect colors, sync it up with great music, and create a fun-to-watch and beautiful piece of art instead of just a “good quality iPhone video.”

This video from Parker Walbeck does a great job of illustrating the difference between a professional videographer and a beginner.

5.   Include Those Unable to Attend

Whether you are having a big wedding or a mountain elopement with just you, your partner, and your photographer and videographer, there’s always going to be someone who was unable to make it to your wedding.

This problem becomes much bigger if you decide to go down the elopement or intimate wedding route, and it’s actually a question that comes up a lot with our couples who are worried that certain people in their lives might feel upset that they aren’t able to attend the wedding. 

That’s where wedding videography comes into play! When you hire a professional videographer to document your wedding ceremony, we make sure to catch all the most important moments from the day, and watching a well-done wedding video can make everyone who watches it feel like they were right there with the couple watching them say their vows. Plus it’s such a fun way to be able to share your wedding experience with those you care about!

6.   Making Movies is Fun!

Speaking of fun, we always have such a good time filming with our couples. What better way to show off your beautiful dress or spiffy suit than by being the star of a real-life video production! It’s always so fun to watch the personalities of our couples come out when the camera starts rolling and it’s honestly my favorite part of the job. There’s nothing better than asking a groom to throw his jacket over his shoulder and give me his best “smolder” look and then watching him ABSOLUTELY NAIL IT and hearing the bride yell, “OW OWWW!” from behind me. 

7.   You May Regret it if You Don’t

There’s nothing worse than looking through your wedding photos months after the event and thinking to yourself, “Aw man, I wish we had a video of all this!” Because, while wedding photos are an incredible way of remembering your wedding day, there’s nothing quite like watching a video of you and your partner professing your love to one another in real-time.

I’ve talked to so many couples who when they learn that I’m a wedding videographer will say some variation of “Oh that’s so cool! I wish we had a video of our wedding!” 

So don’t be one of those couples years down the line. Make the choice to include videography in your wedding, and we promise that you won’t regret it. Contact us today to start planning your very own elopement wedding video!

We can’t wait to adventure with you!

Bailee + Jake

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